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We do expert B2B sales. With the right sales consultant, Sellai and your company can be up and running in just a few weeks. At the beginning of the collaboration, a commitment of 100 hours of sales work is usually made for a period of about 3 months. During this time, we take ownership of the solution to be sold, build a predictable sales process and do the sales work ourselves. After 100 hours, the collaboration can be extended on a monthly fee basis. Read more about the situations for which sales outsourcing is a great solution.

We sell B2B solutions that require expert sales processes. We have a track record of success in selling technology and consulting services, among others. What makes our customer projects so successful is that new customers often reorder from us. We may not be the best partner if the customer has a low margin and the product is a one-off purchase. For example, a gravel truck or a roof renovation. We also don't sell products that go against our values, such as oil, guns or gambling.

We make expert sales according to the customer's wishes, from prospecting to the agreement. The sales process is always adapted to the customer's wishes. The work is completely transparent and documented up to individual calls. We deliver the activity report to the customer every two weeks and report on ongoing negotiations. In the smallest option of the monthly service, the workload corresponds to the work of a consultant of about 40 hours. These hours are filled with phone calls, negotiations, appointments, preparations, prospecting – that is, the basic salesperson's work. In their work, the seller focuses on bringing the store home, not counting the hours, which is why we measure and report what matters.

The collaboration usually starts with 100 hours of sales work with a fixed price of €9,900. The customer and the consultant can then agree on the pricing and number of hours of the continuation. We call for a commitment to work of about 100 hours in order to assess the profitability of cooperation for both sides. We want to deliver value to our customers over a long period of time. A prerequisite for long-term cooperation is that the service is profitable for both of us.

We want to deliver value to our customers in the long run. You can read on our blog how selling with a commission alone is an obstacle to long-term cooperation. Higher risks require a higher commission. This enables us to sell well, which leads to too high a customer acquisition cost for the customer. Whereas, on the other hand, poor sales would result in our consultant selling only a product that produces better for him. Since our customers pay a fixed fee, they can demand inputs from us.

There's a scene in Kummeli Kultakuume where Dille and Broman have a conversation in the back seat of a car about how much gold can there be in human faeces. Although Broman is a nurse by profession, he cannot answer this question. In the end, it is influenced by so many different things. This is also the reason why we start our cooperation with the customer as a pilot project. After the project we are very good at assessing the long-term profitability of cooperation.

My sales cannon is one of the company's most important resources, but there are many reasons for outsourcing sales. Our contractors often have their own sales organization or sales are made by someone whose duties include other tasks. We offer more of this valuable work, with our own model, which is transparent and efficient. In addition, we make pioneer sales, benchmark sales, collect flagship logos or acquire new customers for a new product. Various projects also utilise the services, as due to the nature of the project, it is not worth building a sales organization just temporarily.

It's always possible. There can be many reasons for weak sales. We contact the wrong companies or decision makers, the product is not competitive, the market is not ready, the customer's purchasing processes are too heavy or simply our processes do not work for your business. Even if there is no deal, our reporting will give you valuable information about your customers. We have a constant dialogue with our client. We're not explaining, we're going to find out. This is exactly why you don´t have to be married to us.

To start the collaboration, you must reserve 4 hours for the project planning meeting and 4 hours for the seller's training workshop. In addition to this, you will meet the seller every two weeks for approximately 15-30 minutes of remote meetings, where you will be notified of sales progress. In reality, the seller, if necessary, actively asks for advice on how to promote negotiations. We are also happy to involve the client in sales meetings, especially in the early stages of cooperation, although this is not necessary.

No, we're not. There are many better companies out there for booking. We have also utilised booking services in some projects. As a rule, we do the booking of our own meetings ourselves.

Why do we do the bookings ourselves? Our time is precious. We avoid wasting the sales consultants time on unnecessary meetings. We want to meet the decision-makers who can say 'yes' to the solution. Based on our data, the success of the deals is many times higher when our consultants have arranged their own appointments. So we are doing booking, but for ourselves.

One for you ?

Contact us and we will ask you a few questions to see if there are any ingredients for cooperation. We are being honest with you. Sellai's service is not profitable for everyone. We work with customers who we can genuinely benefit. Let´s talk and we'll find out if we are a good fit for you.

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