Get selling now with sales agents as a monthly service

Did you know that recruiting a new salesperson takes more than six months and costs the company 15,000 euros. The cost of failed recruitment is over EUR 40,000. Recruiting your own salesperson is slow, expensive and risky.

We solve the problem.

We provide you with experienced sales consultants without having to recruit. We offer expertise-intensive B2B sales and consulting, from prospecting to cold calling and all the way to the deal.

Expert sales for small and large companies

Do you have a systematic sales job just beginning? Don't worry, we'll serve. We help our customers to choose a CRM system, create a sales process and contact the very first customers. We have many experienced pioneer sales consultants.

Do you already have systems and processes that work, but you could use some extra hands? Oh, that's great. We will certainly be able to build an attractive collaborative model for our consultants based on your experience and sales data.

Completely transparent sales work.

If you're looking for the best growth hacker or booking company, keep looking. We can also save your time and tip off what we think is the best. We perform expertise-intensive B2B sales and consulting for various B2B companies. You can outsource all or only part of your sales to us.

The goal is to achieve results for your company that you are satisfied and continue to work with us. That's why we consultants always have the best interests in mind of the client and the support of the team behind us.

How does it work ?

As the name suggests, sales consultant as a monthly service is a service where the company has access to one or more sales consultants. The service consists of a kickoff sales project lasting approximately three months. Sales will then continue as a monthly service.

Benefits of the service .


We will give a boost to your sales already in a couple of weeks.


The service is flexible and sensitive to your needs. You can cancel it anytime, with one month's notice.


Our consultants are highly educated sales professionals.

You'll get the data

All sales activities are posted to CRM and reported to the customer.

The price of the service .

The starting price of the Dream Salesman monthly service package is €9 900-15 000 + VAT. The price includes a start-up workshop, a three-month sales project, reporting and an evaluation meeting. In total, around 100-150 hours of work.

The customer then has the opportunity to continue the sales work as a monthly service. The consultant and the company jointly agree on the content of the follow-up.

Profitable cooperation and outsourcing of sales .

We have grown our customers' business and solved bottlenecks in B2B sales across a variety of industries. 

Shall we start? ?

Contact us and let´s discuss how to improve your sales.

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