UrakkaDiili – Making the use of the platform more efficient with sales

UrakkaDiili's goal was to find contractors with the help of Sellai

Project summary

Customer: UrakkaDiili

Duration: 3 months


Real estate activities, Construction


Jyri Järvinen

What is UrakkaDiili?

Initially the idea emerged from a question: why it is so difficult to order renovations from a local company? Tendering out and finding a reliable renovation company for a specific need takes time and can be costly. Eemil Kraft (CEO) set out to digitilize the whole concept around ordering a renovation. Eemil has a long background in digital marketing, and this experience made it clear to him that in today's world the contractor should be found much easier and safer. He set out to build a platform where individuals and decision-makers in corporate real estate and housing companies can tender out local renovators according to their own needs, without any additional complications.

UrakkaDiili is a tendering service that connects those who need renovations and those who offer them. For example, if a bathroom is in need of new tiles, with one call for offers one will receive offers from contractors offering bathroom renovations in the local area. Offers are received via email and it is also possible to see what kind of reviews the contractors have received from previous customers. Sending a call for offers is not binding, so the customer can view incoming offers in their own pace.

UrakkaDiili's goal was to find contractors with the help of Sellai

As in any marketplace, supply and demand must meet. The team of UrakkaDiili had identified that as demand increased, new contractors were needed to join the service. They started looking for a partner who can bring validated entrepreneurs to the platform. As Eemil describes: ''We woke up to the situation that in order to get the wheels rolling, we need outside help for this.' A couple of years ago Eemil had been talking to one of Sellai consultants, and thus recalled that Sellai might be a great option. ''The cooperation started as soon as we started talking." Out of all options Sellai was the best choice for them.

The nature and concept of the project were immediately developed based on the idea 'how to maximise the number of results compared to the time spent.'  As an exceptional client, UrakkaDiili had done a brilliant and in-depth groundwork, so it was very easy for Sellai to start working right away.

Sales challenges, what are they?

Sellai has carried out many projects where sales challenges are easily recognisable. UrakkaDiili was no exception. The challenge was too small number of value discussions with potential customers. UrakkaDiili's team had previously made sales calls, but the need was to reach a larger audience. ''The team had their hands full. ‘’ 

Sellai's service is ideal for selling platform economy. '''We were very confident that contractors would come. When a Sellai consultant picked up the phone there was no need to be nervous whether anyone would join our service."

Collaboration with Sellai: Seamless

UrakkaDiili had a well-mapped need, so they were able to carry out sales activities as soon as the kickoff meetings ended. ''I was very confident from the start. We didn´t have to doubt the result. We felt that everyone was professional salespeople." Eemil Kraft (2020)

''Trust was the most important thing. I didn't have to think about whether or not there would be sales. The biggest problem we had was our own resources. With this cooperation we didn't have to use them to being stressed-out. ‘’

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