How should you prepare for a meeting with Sellai?

How should you prepare for a meeting with Sellai?

As always in sales meetings, all participants have their own goals. Our goal is to map the customer's current state, sales assistance needs, sales history of the solution being sold and future wishes. The customer, on the other hand, wants to hear what value we can create for them.

Everything is based on mutual value creation

The first encounter between the salesperson and the customer must always have the groundwork done. You can be sure that we have done our homework. However, most of the time, public sources don't give us enough, which is why we spend most of the time in the meeting discussing it. We will not be able to create value for you unless we know how best to create it for the customer.

Historical sales data drives conversations

We will ask for historical key figures on sales. This helps us understand the duration of the sales cycle, the chances of success and predict the future. 

Here's how to prepare for a meeting with Such:
  1. Be open about the current situation and feel free to tell us what kind of expertise you need in your team. We have several consultants from different backgrounds that we will introduce to you based on the first meeting.
  2.  If possible, share with us historical key figures on the sales of your solution.
  3. If you have a budget, please share your details with us. It's easier for us to understand the potential of collaboration when we know you're serious about investing in sales.

In those places, consultants are allowed to be who they are. They write blogs about their experiences and views freely. I'd rather be brave and spicy than hand-warm or diluted.

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