Six tips to boost B2B sales

Six tips to boost B2B sales

How to boost sales in a B2B organisation?

Want to double your sales? Then you should emulate what the most productive sales organisations do. 🕵♀️ In practice, they make twice as much for the same amount of work. "Work smarter, not harder". Here are my 6 picks for how the most productive B2B sales organizations get hard results with less.

1. Productive organisations sell more to their existing customers. Acquiring new customers is always expensive! 💰

2. A sharper focus! In B2B, it's enough to have 200 customers in your sights, as long as they are all dream customers that you can actually help.  💑

3. Productive sales organisations produce content that appeals to dream customers. People are interested in feeling something, learning something or being inspired! 📽

4. Multi-channel sales. Productive sales organisations know where their customers are. If they are not active in the linkkar, social selling alone is not enough. You have to influence where they are. And of course personally by mail, phone call or even a postcard. 📡 One way is rarely enough.

5. A more productive sales organisation is proactive. A good product will almost always lose out to a better sale. A familiar sight, for example, is public "competitive bidding", where the proactive salesperson has effectively dictated the criteria 🏃‍♀️🏇

6. A productive salesperson knows how to use AI to their advantage. ChatGPT and Google search suggestions are a good place for a budding seller to start! 🤖

BONUS: A more productive sales organisation automates, but does not over-engineer. Automation doesn't have to be a complex business model. For example, automation is automating simple things where it saves the most time. ⚙

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Do you have these productive sales tools in full use?

Don't be alarmed, no one has 100% mastered these. But if you actively put in two hours of work a day on these, you'll definitely boost sales. Trust the process! 🙏

Having trouble recruiting a B2B salesperson?

If you need someone to do this, please send us a message and we at Sellai will be happy to help. On our platform you can get an expert vendor to do this freak show for you, without having to recruit. 🙏 

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