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Supercharge Your B2B Sales Career .

Are you a B2B sales professional who wants more freedom and interesting opportunities for your career? With us, you can collaborate with various companies and sales teams. We offer sales agents slash account managers, ready-made processes, a community of top sellers, and interesting projects! 

What's Sellai ?

Sellai is a platform for B2B sellers and businesses. Sellai's consultants help B2B companies sell products and solutions, and we consult on sales development. We have a wide range of business clients from software houses, to consultancy and even cleaning companies. For sales consultants, we offer a great way to earn money and be part of a top international B2B sales community. For you specialist salespeople, we offer a Work 4.0 working environment - Leverage your skills and networks to flexibly meet your needs.

Select your projects

With us, you can employ yourself part-time or full-time. You manage your own projects. Autonomy and entrepreneurship are at the heart of our operations.

Join the international community

We have a supportive and positive community of highly educated expert salespeople and colleagues. You won't be alone with us, you would be part of us. 90% of our agents voted, that the community is the top 3 most important part of our service.

Paid by the hour

You read that right, agents get paid hourly, and remember, you can price your own work. Stop giving away your time and gambling on a big commission at close. With a productive way of working, successful agents can make +10K€/month.


Are you a real hustler who sells anything to anyone without hesitation?

If you said yes, Sellai is probably not for you. We don't want to be spoilsports, but we don't have room for shady sales.

We are looking for positive, customer service-minded, and smart sales enthusiasts.

What do we expect from you ?

Experience in sales work

You must be ready to do high-quality and transparent sales work. All actions are documented and reported according to our processes.

Ability to learn

You have at least a bachelor's degree in one field (Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree). In addition, you are passionate about learning new things.

Making things happen attitude

Everything can be trained, except attitude. 

Kalle Ryymin

Captain & Consultant Who Sells

A bold and principled agent. Kalle is an energetic and multi-talented team leader with a passion for B2B sales

I love helping people break into new markets. There is nothing better than the thrill of jumping into a new territory with a client and conquering it together. I've never wanted to get stuck in one spot. Thankfully, Sellai offers me the variety of jobs to keep my skills sharp and to learn about new industries. 

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