Hanna's harkka on the Sellai

Hanna's harkka on the Sellai

Towards the unknown

11:10 was an exciting day. I woke up this morning and took the train towards the unknown – in other words, I took the train to Tripla, where I hesitated with the right dösa and finally found myself standing in front of Wonderland shortly before 9.30pm. Taking a deep breath and hiding the vibrations of the hands in Sellai's premises: the first day of the ingot would now begin. I am Hanna, a student of Haaga-Helia's sales work, and now you can read about my experience for 21 days from a business sales internship at Sellai.

It's fun to go back to those first days of trouble in your thoughts when you were in a whole new situation and surrounded by new people and didn't really know what to expect. I had never been involved in the b2b world before and now, as I write this, I have had time to see and experience a great deal in 21 days. Many thanks to the whole sellai group for taking me in from the very beginning and making me feel part of them. A special thank you goes to Jyr and Ville, who acted as my instructors through the rake.

What did Hanna's days look like during the exercise?

Almost all the tasks were new to me. I had never previously prospected, made cold email or text message templates, or made cold calls. Now I've done all of them and so much more. In many customer meetings, when acting as a registrar, you learned to find important keywords in the customer's speech and your own so-called "registrar". the seller's ear developed to better distinguish the customer's real need from the rest of the speech. During Harka, the final reports were also filled in, translated rapsa bases into English, searched for business options for project x and planned new sales spikes.

One of the most exciting and at the same time fun tasks during the exercise was to have a training moment for the entire Sellai group. At first, I was nervous about designing and implementing something like this, what can such a rookie sales student teach sales professionals? I convinced myself that I might be able to bring new perspectives if not new information and after consulting with Ville, I ended up liking the training on the sales process, that mystical thing behind every salesperson's work. Based on the feedback I received, the training went well and was helpful to the group and no one seemed to fall asleep during 😀 my performance

A safe and sturdy environment is everything A and O

During the last week of the game, I was also able to have the first demo meeting of my life for a part of Sellai's crew! Pulling the demo was very instructive and made you test the theory in practice. My own performance was okay, it didn't quite go under the bench, but there's still a lot to improve on. It was cool to be able to test something like this in a safe environment without fear of judging and to find the development points of my own that I think I'm going to hatch in a good b2b salesman.

Sales process training cover image (google image search)

If someone is thinking about choosing a place to do it or even a new job in sales, I have no choice but to recommend Sellai! A great team of jobs and a relaxed but goal-oriented atmosphere are things that first come to mind. The best thing for me was that you could throw a story with everyone and go to lunch with any group, everyone welcomed me to the group and I think this is absolutely essential in working life!


Hanna Turkey,

Future sales professional

In those places, consultants are allowed to be who they are. They write blogs about their experiences and views freely. I'd rather be brave and spicy than hand-warm or diluted.

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