Keeping B2B sales systematic eats up company resources

Keeping B2B sales systematic eats up company resources

B2B sales eat up company resources

The sales problem for many B2B companies is not that they can't get meetings on the calendar. 📆 There are great and skilled boutique agencies in Finland, so it's not usually a lack of meetings that makes sales a success. 

The most common sales problems our clients face are related to systematic sales growth and development. It is difficult for companies to maintain weekly sales processes and the number of customer meetings because they have other important tasks besides sales.

The challenges of B2B sales for your organisation


🎭 Multiple roles, a fast pace, changing resources and environment make it really difficult to organise sales. Keeping a good salesperson can be difficult when the conditions of the employee in the company should be constantly tuned to be more employee-friendly.

The difficulty of recruiting drives organisations to do sales themselves, with sales coming fourth on the list of priorities. In this situation, new bookings do not help when previous potential customers have also been partially unserved. 🏃‍♂️

A B2B salesperson without the hassle of recruitment

Sellai offers companies part-time specialist salespeople to join teams without the need for the company to recruit a salesperson on its own payroll. With Sellai's pilot model, companies can get a professional salesperson in place and up and running in just a few weeks with a small investment. 

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