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Active sales agents, zero fixed costs .

Skyrocket your sales with experienced B2B sales agents as a monthly service — regardless of your field. Our trusted agents have experience in over 40 industries and are ready to start moving your product in as little as 2 weeks. Let our agents sell for you with zero hiring costs, and transparent real-time reporting.

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Free matchmaking

Recruitment costs companies thousands. Get free expert matchmaking to connect the right sales agent for your business. Once it's a perfect match, sign up for a monthly service contract and get selling right away 

Get started quickly

Recruiting an experienced B2B salesperson can take more than six months and is not a guarantee for success. With Sellai, you get a skilled sales agent to start working in two weeks. Get a sales boost right away and not months later.

You pay only for the work

No unnecessary costs for recruitment, phone bills, or software. No employee overhead like insurance, sick leave, or vacation pay. With Sellai, you only pay for documented sales activities and nothing more. Invest in sales, not staff.

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Get selling now with sales agents as a monthly service

Quickly find a sales agent to smash your sales goals with Sellai's free expert matchmaking. 
Freely negotiate the workload, hourly rate, and preferred method of work together with the agent.
Agents carry out the sales work independently and transparently while providing insights and valuable data along the way.
Work is done and managed in continuous cooperation and communication.
Start selling in as little as 2 weeks and cancel any time after 3 months.

Overhaul your sales process with a custom sales project

We design and implement a tailored sales project with you.
Includes an avg. 150 hours of dedicated work with our expert sales team.
The duration of the project is approximately 4 months. 
Includes market analysis, customer profiling, planning of repeatable sales process, sales management training, and a playbook for sales operations.
Use your new sales process independently or roll it directly into our monthly service. The choice is yours.

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Our agents are highly educated and experienced in over 40 industries. Our agents are adept at internalising the value of your company's solution and its benefits for your customers. Meet a few of the agents who are ready to help grow your business.

Jyri Järvinen

Account manager / Sales Agent

Jyri is a creative and enterprising person. He keeps the balls in his hand, even if there are several of them bouncing in different directions. Many people are content to do what is necessary, but Jyri is always looking for ways to go that 'extra mile' for clients and customers."

"Sales doesn't stop when the customer buys the product for themselves, it continues as long as the customer uses the product or service."

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Ready to skyrocket your sales ?

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