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Sebastian Colque

Sales agent

When I tackle any challenge I always focus on the why, I believe that it's essential to dig deep and understand the product or service but even more important the target audience. By taking a thorough and analytical approach to problem-solving, I can help my clients uncover the underlying causes of their sales-related issues and develop targeted strategies to address them.

Creativity is another key ingredient in my approach to sales consulting. I’m no stranger to exploring innovative solutions that can help my clients achieve breakthrough results that surpass their expectations.

Finally, determination is a driving force in everything I do. Whether it's working tirelessly to develop a winning sales strategy or going the extra mile to exceed my clients' expectations, I'm committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver results that matter.

I'm proud to say that my approach to sales has been recognised in the past, including winning the yearly sales competition and achieving outstanding results for my previous employer with over 700 employees.

I'm excited to bring my expertise to your organisation and work together to achieve your sales goals. Thank you for considering me as your sales consultant.


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Julkisen sektorin ratkaisut
Taiteet, viihde ja virkistys
VR- ja XR-teknologia
Terveys ja hyvinvointi


100-150 € / h



Koulutus ja sertifikaatit:

Digital Business development



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