4 Ways to Leverage AI in B2B Sales

4 Ways to Leverage AI in B2B Sales

There is a lot of talk about AI, but are you actually using it? In this article, we’ll share four ways you can leverage AI to supercharge your B2B sales. 

1. Automate repetitive tasks

Automate the repetitive tasks that mess up the workflow or take a lot of your time. Start from these actionable examples:

Data entry and lead management – Try Zapier. This tool automates the transfer and synchronization of data between Excel and other applications, allowing your team to focus on more important sales tasks while minimizing manual input and reducing errors.

AI your Frequently Asked Questions – Does your sales team constantly bother you with questions? Maybe it’s time to build your own ChatGPT using your company data and documents. There are plenty of no-code tools to help you out on this. Try for example CustomGPT.ai. Maybe try creating one for your customers as well? 😏

Meeting notes ✍️ – This is the easiest time-saver! Use Wudpecker.io in your online meetings to easily take your meeting notes. Voilà! Never spend 30 minutes after the meeting writing your notes clean again.

2. Content Generation 📰

This is a no-brainer, but do you actually use these three tricks? 🪄

  • 5X your best content in seconds. Do you have one good LinkedIn post you are proud of? Ask ChatGPT to make 5 different versions of it. Save 2 hours.
  • Do you have in-house content planning sessions? Great. Record and edit the session with Autopod. Trust me, customers are interested when you talk about them. Get 30 minutes of authentic content.
  • Do you need better photos for your website or sales material? Don’t hire models and photographers. It’s an expensive and time-consuming project. Get thousands of brand images from Midjourney in minutes. Save 50 000 € from a full photoshoot with models.

Our CEO Teemu explains this in our TikTok video:

3. Efficient and targeted prospecting 🔍

We all know the struggle of prospecting! It’s slow, tedious web crawling, and the tools are expensive. Well, not anymore. There are all these free tools like ChatGPT and Bing!💸

Simple prospecting hack:

  1. Download Microsoft Edge
  2. Use Bing search engine powered with Open AI
  3. Make the AI do most of the tedious prospecting work online
  4. Remember, LLM models tend to hallucinate. Trust your AI-prospecting tool as much as you trust your summer intent. With Bing, it’s easy to validate the findings

More and better prospects mean you can focus on opening the deals and turn prospects into clients! 

4. Effective tailored outreach 🎯

One of the most critical aspects of B2B sales is outreach. AI can significantly improve its effectiveness. 

Use these tools to:

  1. Reach the right prospects at the right time
  2. Personalize and tailor your communication to each prospect
  3. Enhance response prediction and optimization

With Bing or ChatGPT, this is a really easy nut to crack. 🥜💥

If you feel that AI alone may not fully maximize your B2B sales potential, why not explore the option of outsourcing your sales with Sellai? Our team of highly skilled B2B sales agents operates across various sectors in the Nordics. 

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